COST Action CA20121 BenBedPhar Training School 2023 NRF2 in noncommunicable diseases: from bench to bedside Smolenice Castle, Slovakia June 26—30, 2023

Dear colleagues, it is my great pleasure to invite you to the Training School of the COST CA20121 “Bench to Bedside Transition for Pharmacological Regulation of NRF2 in Noncommunicable Diseases (BenBedPhar)”, which will take place in the Congress Centre of the Slovak Academy of Sciences at Smolenice Castle in Slovakia. The Training School aims to provide comprehensive knowledge on the transcription factor NRF2 function which is a master regulator of multiple cytoprotective responses and a key molecular link among various noncommunicable diseases.

During the Training School, distinguished scientists, the experts in NRF2 research, will pre-
sent you with state-of-the-art knowledge on the role of NRF2 during aging, under stress,
and in diseased states. They will also present the possibilities of pharmacological modu-
lation of NRF2 function, tools for studying NRF2 as well as new perspectives of treatment
of NRF2 associated disorders. In addition, you will have the opportunity to present the results of your research. Discussions with experts and informal discussions of all participants will be an important part of
the Training School that can help you accelerate your career growth. Last but not least, an important benefit of this action is gaining new contacts, start networking and establishing personal friendships, which can significantly influence your further scientific interests.

I believe that the picturesque premises of the Congress Centre of Smolenice Castle and its surroundings will contribute to a good working atmosphere and positive mood during your stay.
We look forward to seeing you in Smolenice Castle.

On behalf of the local organizers

Iveta Bernatova

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