Michal Dubovický represented CEM in the TV show SK DEJINY

On 22 June 2023, the TV show “SK DEJINY” was broadcasted on Dvojka, featuring Dr. Michal Dubovický from the Institute of Experimental Pharmacology and Toxicology, Centre of Experimental Medicine (CEM) of the Slovak Academy of Sciences (SAS). The programme was dedicated to celebrating the 70th anniversary of the SAS .

People are haunted by all kinds of diseases. Slovak scientists could talk about it. And about the biomedical research that has scored globally.

  • Why do we add iodine to salt? 
  • What triggers excessive stress in the body? 
  • What is the path of scientific discovery to putting it into practice? 

The answers to these and many other questions were given to the viewers of the show SK History, broadcasted on Dvojka. Guests of the show, in addition Dr. Dubovický, were Prof. Silvia Pastoreková and Dr. Daniela Gašperíková from the Biomedical Centre of the Slovak Academy of Sciences.