CEM SAV activities as part of the SAV’s 70th-anniversary celebration

This year the Slovak Academy of Sciences (SAV) marks the 70th anniversary of adopting the SAV Act, which defined its foundations and the form in which it exists today. This important anniversary will be celebrated on 23 and 24 June 2023 at the M. R. Štefánik Square near the Eurovea shopping centre in Bratislava. During the event, CEM SAV will show and explain to the public the activities of its 3 institutes.

The event will open on Friday, 23 June, at 9:30 am. The programme will be packed with booth presentations of the individual centres and institutes of the SAV. During both days, visitors can also expect a rich pop science programme on the stage. SAV is even preparing a live broadcast on its YouTube channel.

What have the Institutes of the CEM SAV prepared for the public?

Institute of Experimental Pharmacology & Toxicology (IEPT)

will introduce the toxicology of the 21st century.

IEPT will present practical demonstrations of models used in toxicology and pharmacology. The showcases will touch upon classical and innovative, non-invasive toxicological methods (without the use of laboratory animals). Visitors will learn about the principles of computer modelling of toxicological properties of substances, try skin or eye irritation tests on 3D tissue models of the human eye and skin, look under a microscope at living cells on which “alternative” toxicity tests are performed, and try out a microfluidic device that simulates blood circulation. They will also have the opportunity to talk to scientists from the Institute on topics related to the safety testing of medicines, chemicals and consumer products.

Institute of Normal and Pathological Physiology (INPP)

will show how to live in balance with your body, not under pressure and stress. 

INPP’s researchers will introduce the public to the issue of cardiovascular diseases. They will explain the structure and function of the cardiovascular system and the effects of harmful influences on the blood vessels, heart and blood that can result in disease. People will be able to observe the structure of healthy and atherosclerotic blood vessels under a light microscope, explore their fear of heights, discuss the causes of instability and possible risks of falls, especially in seniors, and educate themselves on the importance of daily exercise. Interested people can measure their blood pressure and pulse, weight, height, waist circumference and body fat percentage, calculate BMI or determine blood glucose levels. For the bravest, there will be a virtual reality experience where they can combat their fear of heights.

Institute for Heart Research (IHS)

will demonstrate the heart in motion. 

IHS has prepared practical and creative demonstrations to learn about the heart’s function, its performance and the impact of its changes on human health. Visitors can measure their blood pressure and heart rate or use diagnostic scales to find out their weight, fat and muscle mass. To understand the impact of physical exertion on the heart and test physical fitness, there will be several physical activities, “stand-up” stress tests, and even a treadmill. The public will be able to review the 3D models of the heart, blood vessels and blood circulation, as well as microscopy and echocardiography demonstrations.