Director of CEM SAS in TA3 on animals used in scientific procedures

The General Director of the Centre for Experimental Medicine of the Slovak Academy of Sciences (CEM SAS), Dr. Mojmír Mach, was a TA3 show “Breakfast” guest. He explained the issue of animals used in scientific procedures on the occasion of the World Day of Laboratory Animals.

Experiments on laboratory animals are still a sensitive topic for the general and professional public. This area has undergone legislative changes and improved conditions for laboratory animals in recent years. 

Laboratories that use animals are also present in Slovakia. What conditions do these animals live in, what research and testing are they used for today, what is myth, and what is reality? Can we replace animal procedures with alternative methods (New Approach Methodologies, NAMs)? The answers to these and many other questions were revealed by Dr. Mach on TA3.